Ancient Jewish Coinage Vol. 2: Herod the Great through Bar by meshorer ya'akov

By meshorer ya'akov

Exam of the cash of historic Israel from forty B.C.E. via four B.C.E.

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Examples of seasonality studies are provided by Legge and Rowley-Conwy (1988) and in several papers by Deith (1983, 1986, 1989). Palaeonutrition is dealt with by Wing and Brown (1979), Hassan (1979) and Cohen (1977), while examples of what can be learned from stable isotope and trace element analyses are provided by Tauber (1981) and Price (1989a). Palaeopathology is dealt with by Zivanovic (1982) and Cohen and Armelagos (1984). 4 An interpretative framework In the preceding chapters I have tried to delineate some of the many factors which influence the behaviour of hunter-gatherers and the ways in which that behaviour is reflected in the archaeological record.

7 Hunter-gatherers will tend to seek the nutritionally most valuable foods that can be obtained for the least effort. Exceptions to this proposition occur when other benefits, perhaps of a social kind, can be obtained by following a strategy which does not maximize calorific return. Hunters and gatherers in action 21 The fact that hunter-gatherers still survive in some parts of the world provides a means of assessing the validity of these expectations. If they are not met among contemporary or recent groups they may well not have been met in the more remote past either.

PALYNOLOGY AND PALAEOECOLOGY Several other categories of evidence also contribute to the archaeological record although they fall outside the province of the archaeologist. Pollen analysis, or palynology, is a tool of major importance in the reconstruction of past environments. As well as providing a record of natural changes in the flora, pollen spectra can preserve records of changes brought about by humans, the so-called anthropogenic factor. One of the best examples of this is forest clearance, where a sudden decrease in tree pollen may be the only record of human presence.

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