Ancient Greece (DK Eyewitness Books) by Anne Pearson

By Anne Pearson

Full-color images. This examine the tradition that the majority encouraged Western society tells how the Greeks made conflict and worshiped their gods, and examines their legacy of technology, medication, philosophy and paintings. "While there are different titles that proportion the focal point, age point, and common assurance of this quantity, it is difficult to overcome the acceptance of the structure and the great thing about the illustrations came upon right here. This ebook is a priceless buy, even for collections that already comprise different titles at the topic."--School Library Journal.  

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Women were probably not a play. allowed to go to the theatre at all. Epidauros This ground-level view of the 14,000 seat theatre at Epidauros, gives an idea of what it is like to be an actor going into the performing area. The carefully curved auditorium (theatron or viewing theatre) is a huge semi-circular bowl cut into the surface of the hillside. Its shape is not just designed for excellent viewing; sound, too, is caught and amplified, and actors speaking in the orchestra can be heard in the back row.

Athenian potters worked in a potters’ quarter called the Kerameikos. Drinking up time Special drinking cups in the form of animal They produced huge quantities of wheel-made heads were very popular. This angry-looking pottery for use at home and for the export market. griffin rhyton is a good example. The wine would have spilt if the rhyton was put down, There are various styles of decoration in vase so perhaps it was passed from person to painting. c. geometric person until all the wine was gone.

Olive trees grow abundantly in Greece. On this vase, four people are gathering olives. One is sitting up in the tree, two are shaking the branches with sticks, and, on the ground below, another is gathering the fallen olives in a basket. Fossilized snail on egg Dregs collected in the bottom of the strainer Egg cup Goat for all seasons Goats were very useful animals. They required only rough grazing and their skins provided warm clothing for country people in winter, as well as milk and cheese. c.

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