Anatomy of a Robot by Charles M. Bergren

By Charles M. Bergren

This paintings appears below the hood of all robot tasks, stimulating lecturers, scholars, and hobbyists to profit extra concerning the gamut of components linked to keep an eye on structures and robotics. It deals a special presentation in supplying either idea and philosophy in a technical but enjoyable method.

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If it really is a third-order or higher system, take the time to try to simplify it. Look at the performance and look at the specifications. Let me give you an example of trouble brewing. Suppose we are trying to design a baseball robot. It has to run, catch, and throw. It might be able to run and catch at the same time, but it would be simpler to build a robot that would run under the ball, stop, and then catch it. Similarly, it would be simpler if the robot would stop running before it had to throw the ball.

When you rub your hands together, you have to work harder to rub faster. The friction grows hotter the faster you go. The force increases and the energy mounts up faster. Friction comes in disguised forms. We often think of friction as something dragging over a surface. Often, elements will have their own internal friction. A motor will coast to a stop by itself. Springs will heat up as they bounce and will slowly stop bouncing by themselves. If the coefficient of friction is not specified inside a system, you can often determine it empirically.

Furthermore, the power button on the remote never indicates if the infrared beam was sent out or not. If your finger is over the optical opening, nothing happens at all and the remote never knows the TV has not gone on. Let’s run an experiment illustrating an open-loop control system within your body. Glance over to your right and locate an object in the room. Remember where it is and then look back here to the book. Now close your eyes, point to the object, trying to put your finger right on the object in your field of vision.

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