An Outline of Ophthalmology by Roger L. Coakes and Patrick J. Holmes Sellors (Auth.)

By Roger L. Coakes and Patrick J. Holmes Sellors (Auth.)

This version has been revised and up-to-date and is in color and in a brand new layout. The booklet nonetheless permits the scholar or working towards health practitioner to deal with daily ophthalmic difficulties, in addition to spotting these medical occasions which require expert realization. It offers a concise account of contemporary ophthalmology. simple anatomy and body structure are lined in addition to the illnesses of the attention, defined symptom through symptom instead of via the standard systematic process. the attention in systemic sickness, ophthalmic investigations and remedy, and customary misconceptions also are mentioned. All illustrations look without delay contrary the suitable textual content

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A chronic follicular conjunctivitis leads to conjunctival and corneal scarring and distortion of the eyelids with entropion and trichiasis. Treatment Active trachoma can be effectively treated with tetracycline ointment. When lid scarring is established surgery is required to correct entropion and trichiasis; corneal grafting may improve vision. Prevention The main hope of reducing the incidence of blindness from trachoma lies in prevention. This may be achieved by the widespread use of topical antibiotics as a prophylactic measure and improved hygiene.

Treatment The beneficial effects of removal of an eye with a malignant melanoma are uncertain and if the tumour is small and useful vision remains a conservative approach is often adopted. The liver is the commonest site of metastases; these may appear many years after the discovery of the primary tumour. If the tumour is increasing in size removal of the eye (enucleation) may be undertaken. Local excision of small malignant melanomas is feasible. Optic nerve and chiasmal disease It is important to remember the possibility of orbital and intracranial disease as a cause of gradual loss of An outline of ophthalmology vision.

The reaction is brought on by looking at an object, shining a light in the eyes or even by touching the lids. Treatment for this distressing condition is difficult. Atropine drops may help by paralysing the ciliary muscle. Occasionally, psychiatric assessment is required but patients often exchange this problem for another. Blindness In order to be registered as blind in the United Kingdom a person must be 'so blind as to be unable to perform any work for which eyesight is essential'. In practice a person with visual acuity below 3/60 is regarded as blind but a person with normal acuity and severe contraction of the visual fields may also be eligible for registration.

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