Afterlives of the Saints by Colin Dickey

By Colin Dickey

Afterlives of the Saints is a woven collecting of groundbreaking essays that go through Renaissance anatomy and the Sistine Chapel, Borges’ "Library of Babel," the heritage of spontaneous human combustion, the hazards of masturbation, the pleasures of castration, “and so forth” — each one essay concentrating on the tale of a specific (and relatively unusual) saint.

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It follows, on the other hand, that all doctrine which smacks of anything contrary to the truth of the churches and apostles of Christ and God must be condemned out of hand as originating in falsehood. It remains for me to show whether this doctrine of ours, the Rule of which I have set out above, does originate in the tradition of the apostles and whether, in consequence, the other doctrines come from falsehood. We are in communion with the apostolic churches. That is not true of any other doctrine.

Whether they are later than or contemporary with the apostles, provided they differ from them, and whether they were censured by the apostles in general or specifically, provided they were condemned beforehand, let them for their part venture to reply with similar prescriptions against our teaching. If they deny its truth, they must prove it a heresy, convicting it by the same standard by which they are themselves convicted; and at the same time they must show where to look for that truth which, as we have now proved, is not to be found with them.

In this lies the evidence of its truth, which everywhere has the first place. It is nowhere condemned by the apostles; they defend it. This is the proof that it belongs to them. For seeing that they condemn all foreign teaching, what they do not condemn is manifestly their own property; and that is why they defend it. 36. 84 If Achaea is nearest to you, 83 Posteritas; cf. c. 31 a n d n. 6 2 . , V I I , 19, believed that the actual throne of J a m e s still existed at Jerusalem. S o m e think that Tertullian means b y cathedrae here the physical objects.

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