After Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie

By Philip Wylie

After Worlds Collide choices up the tale of its predecessor, When Worlds Collide. This sequel tells the tale of the survivors' development at the new global Bronson Beta after the destruction of Earth through a rogue planet.

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CHAPTER VI: SALVATION They were approaching the vertical beam of light at a high speed, but no sooner had its unnatural appearance made a mark in Tony’s consciousness than his hands leaped for the controls, and the plane slowed as much as was possible—he’d cut down its elevation. ” “Right,” James shouted back to him. Tony made a gesture which outlined the process of landing the plane, and James nodded. When they had come upon the great bubble that covered the city, it had been daylight, and there had been no sign of life about it; but light implied an intelligent agency, and besides, it was night, and their sense of caution was stirred by the very primordial influence of darkness.

Come on,” Tony said. ” The minutes were like hours. Both men found themselves slipping down the opposite side of the ridge, holding their breath lest their panting might be overheard in the distance, and trembling whenever a fragment of rock fell. Their thoughts were identical. If the space ship which lay wrecked beyond the searchlight was the carrier of enemies, their presence must never be known. —then— Then they dared not think any further. They were on level ground now, sluicing through the blackness like Indians, alert, ready to run, ready to throw themselves on the ground.

Tony, awakening, stretched, rubbed his eyes and gazed up at the ceiling. His eyes followed mechanically, forgetfully, the graceful, tenuous lines of decoration which traced down over the walls of the pleasant, beautiful chamber. He still did not fully recollect where he was, but he realized that he was lying on a couch of soft, agreeable material. Then he saw Eliot James, in trousers and shirt but without his coat, seated at a table, writing. And Tony remembered. Eliot and he were in the Sealed City—the amazing, stupendous metropolis of the Other People, the People a Million Years Dead.

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