Advances in Botanical Research, Vol. 14 by J. A. Callow

By J. A. Callow

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Flowering Plants. Dicotyledons: Lamiales (except Acanthaceae including Avicenniaceae)

During this quantity, 24 flowering plant households comprising a complete of 911 genera are taken care of. They signify the asterid order Lamiales aside from Acanthaceae (including Avicenniaceae), so one can be incorporated in a later quantity. even if many of the constituent households of the order were famous as being heavily similar some time past, the inclusion of the households Byblidaceae, Carlemanniaceae and Plocospermataceae is the outcome commonly of contemporary molecular systematic examine.

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For most isoprenoid compounds, polymerization of C5 units is required to produce longer chain prenyl diphosphates which are the substrates for various enzymes at the branch points leading to the synthesis of the wide range of isoprenoid compounds (see Fig. 1). Labelled IPP has been shown to be an excellent precursor of many isoprenoid compounds in extracts of various plants. Studies with yeast and animals established that the first step in the formation of higher prenyl diphosphates was the isomerization of IPP to dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP).

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Quantitative estimates of mevalonate 5-phosphate kinase activity have been made only for the latex of Hevea brasiliensis (Lynen, 1969; Skilleter and Kekwick, 1971) and for extracts of germinating pea seeds (Green and Baisted, 1972). 2. The K, values for mevalonate 5-phosphate and - ~ respectively. The equilibrium ATP were 4 . 2 ~ 1 0 -M~ and 1 . 34. The enzyme appears to require free thiol group(s) for activity because enzyme activity was lost in the absence of N-acetylcysteine (Skilleter and Kekwick, 1971).

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