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Heroic Couplet: Heroic couplets are rhyming pairs of verse in iambic pentameter. What on earth did this “couplets” do to become “heroic”? Did they pull a cat out of a tree or save an old lady from a burning building? In fact, no. They are called “heroic” because in the old days of English poetry they were used to talk about the trials and adventures of heroes. Although heroic couplets totally ruled the poetry scene for a long time, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries, nowadays they can sound kind of old-fashioned.

The streets are far away - noises have to travel over lots of houses to make it anywhere, and, once they've made it, they don't even sound right anymore. Stanza 4 Line 10 But not to call me back or say good-by; Now we find out why the speaker was so interested in this interrupted cry, other than that it's a dark, creepy sound on a dark, creepy night. The cry was not for him, though he wished it was calling him back from wherever he came from, or yelling a forgotten goodbye. So, the speaker has stopped to listen to this interrupted cry, which comes from far away, over houses on another street.

After all, he feels a little disconnected from everything. The speaker has now made us feel depressed because of rain, darkness, sad city lanes, and a watchman who needs to be avoided. Now, to top it off, it's completely silent, and the speaker doesn't even have the sound of his own footsteps to keep him company. " Someone is yelling something, but the speaker can't quite make it out, it's interrupted. This is a sound that wouldn't be too weird to hear in a city full of people - a yell - but on a night like this, we'd probably stop and listen to try and find out exactly what it was too.

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