A Synopsis of Ophthalmology by J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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VIII. See sometimes occurs in 45 old B U R N S OF CORNEA CONJUNCTIVAL B U R N S (p. CHAPTER 25). IV DRUGS AFFECTING INTRA-OCULAR MUSCLES T H E ophthalmic surgeon is frequently called upon t o prescribe drugs in order t o dilate or constrict the pupils or t o paralyse accommodation. P u p i l dilators are called mydriatics. P u p i l constrictors are miotics and those which paralyse accommodation are cycloplegics. , pupil dilators cause some degree o f paralysis of accommodation and the constrictors increase accommodation.

V e r y rarely an e x a c t l y similar condition t o arcus senilis is found in children. T h i s , t o o , is w i t h o u t significance and requires no treatment. 4. M a r g i n a l A t r o p h y . — A rare degeneration found in o l d people. A ' gutter ' forms in the region o f the arcus senilis, and i f the gutter deepens ectasia will result and Descemet's membrane m a y rupture. T h e gutter is formed b y the absorption o f the fat present in the arcus senilis. T h e disease m a y be bilateral.

J. , 1964, 48, 274. , 1964, 48, 678. VIRUS DISEASES 89 m a j o r i t y o f cases respond v e r y quickly, but i f n o t undertaken t h e ulcer m a y g o on branching and lead eventually t o an opaque cornea. Cryogenic cauterization o f the ulcer b y means o f an applicator frozen w i t h solid carbon d i o x i d e or liquid nitrogen has g i v e n g o o d results according t o K r w a w i c z * o f L u b l i n . e. Steroid t h e r a p y is generally regarded as contra-indicated, but t h e author has t r i e d i t in several unresponsive cases w i t h encouraging results.

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