A New World in a Small Place: Church and Religion in the by Robert Brentano

By Robert Brentano

Extraordinary historian Robert Brentano offers a completely new standpoint at the personality of the church, faith, and society within the medieval Italian diocese of Rieti from 1188 to 1378. Combing via a cache of formerly neglected files kept in a tower of the cathedral, he makes use of wills, litigation lawsuits, financial debts, and different files to reconstruct the way of life of the diocese.

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They are small and beautiful and sealed with small and beautiful seals; and in them graceful phrase succeeds to graceful phrase. 5 The contrast between Uade et mitte (go and stick) and affectuose rogantes (affectionately asking), which seems starkly to juxtapose a bear-like Germanic baron, old style, just stumbling out of his cave, and the Angevin elegance, almost perfumed, of a lord of Romagnia sitting in his airy view-filled palace on the pleasant heights of Belmonte, exaggerates. The Urslingen Bertuldo and the Brancaleone Nicola were both in their ways trying to maintain and protect their rights in property, including ecclesiastical property, and to ensure, presumably, the continued inheritance and prestige of their clans.

The governmental and record-keeping change described in these chapters is probably the most obvious event of this book's narrative. Insofar as a world can be expressed by governmental self-consciousness, the Reatine diocesan world of the mid-fourteenth century is new and clearly different from that of the early thirteenth century. Its newness, moreover, is connected with newness in many other places. I have tried, however, in chapters 3 and 4, the concluding and beginning dates of which do not quite meet, to show, in dividing, a change in the nature of change, in its pace and material, and in the sources which reveal it.

Previous page page_21 next page > < previous page page_22 next page > Page 22 church of Sant'Angelo. The new walls enclosed the recently established complexes of the Augustinian Hermits to the north (within the wall west of the porta conca), of the Dominicans to the northwest (in the corner of the city beneath the cathedral and to the west of the porta cintia) and the Franciscans to the south (actually bound by the Velino not the wall, east of the Via Roma); but they also enclosed another important communal complex, close to and southwest of the Augustinians, the Piazza del Leone, where in the early fourteenth century would be erected the palazzo del podestà.

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