A Companion to Late Antiquity (Blackwell Companions to the

An obtainable and authoritative evaluate shooting the energy and variety of scholarship that exists at the transformative period of time referred to as overdue antiquity.

•Provides a necessary evaluate of present scholarship on overdue antiquity -- from among the accession of Diocletian in advert 284 and the tip of Roman rule within the Mediterranean

•Comprises 39 essays from many of the world's most suitable students of the period

•Presents this once-neglected interval as an age of strong transformation that formed the fashionable global

•Emphasizes the valuable value of faith and its reference to financial, social, and political life

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Chapter 9. How at his instance the earl of Orkney became a Christian along with all his people72 3 Now when Óláfr left England he set a straight course for the Orkney islands, and because they are subject to the Norwegian king, he urged Sigurðr jarl, who governed those The Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings 13 islands at that time, to become a Christian. And when he prevaricated and voiced objections, Óláfr pressed him still harder. Sigurðr even vowed that he would submit to him as king, if he would not force him to adopt the Christian faith.

On the death of Óláfr Tryggvason. 15. On the return of the blessed Óláfr from England to Norway. 16. On the flight of the blessed Óláfr to Russia. 17. On the nature of Charybdis and concerning the Langobards 15 and the Huns. 18. How the blessed Óláfr returned to his country; and on the decrease in size of the bodies of men. 19. How the blessed Óláfr died a martyr in battle. 20. On the lack of agreement in calculating the number of years from the beginning of the world. 4 Theodoricus Monachus 21.

He had ordered all the ships in which he had sailed there to be burnt in order to incite the hearts of his soldiers to battle, now that hope of withdrawal was removed. But the Lord returned the wickedness of the blasphemer upon his own head, 70 for by divine intervention he was pierced through in that same battle, it is not known by whom; and he placed his hand under the wound as the blood gushed forth and made it spurt into the air with this blasphemous cry: ‘Thou hast conquered, Galilean’ (for this is what he was in the habit of calling our Lord).

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