A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean

A spouse to Ethnicity within the old Mediterranean provides a complete number of essays contributed through Classical reviews students that discover questions when it comes to ethnicity within the historical Mediterranean international.

Covers themes of ethnicity in civilizations starting from historic Egypt and Israel, to Greece and Rome, and into past due Antiquity
• positive factors state of the art learn on ethnicity when it comes to Philistine, Etruscan, and Phoenician identities
• unearths the specific relationships among historic and smooth ethnicities
• Introduces an interpretation of ethnicity as an energetic component to social id
• Represents a primary wondering of officially accredited and glued different types within the box

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The mechanism by which this force called identity could crystallize was language. Without complex language (Carstairs-McCarthy 1999), culture-construction among modern humans would have remained an endeavor in nuce. Complex language originated out of the dynamics of the process of identification among human beings when confronted with the challenges of reconciling their cultural activities with the conditions of their natural habitat. Complex language made the construction of complex culture possible.

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