A CBD Manual for Botanic Gardens by Kate Davis

By Kate Davis

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Flowering Plants. Dicotyledons: Lamiales (except Acanthaceae including Avicenniaceae)

During this quantity, 24 flowering plant households comprising a complete of 911 genera are taken care of. They characterize the asterid order Lamiales with the exception of Acanthaceae (including Avicenniaceae), to be able to be integrated in a later quantity. even though many of the constituent households of the order were well-known as being heavily similar in the past, the inclusion of the households Byblidaceae, Carlemanniaceae and Plocospermataceae is the outcome often of modern molecular systematic study.

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548pp. Web Sites CBD Home Page: Official site of the CBD Secretariat. The CBD website provides a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of the CBD, including the text and decisions, national contact details, NBSAPs and National Reports, ABS laws and policies, meeting documents, publications (such as the CBD Technical Series), principles and tools, news headlines and the clearing house mechanism. Much of the content is also available in French and Spanish. Hard copies of publications can also be obtained on request.

Org. BioNET-INTERNATIONAL: Works with governments and scientists around the world to establish local partnerships for taxonomy. org Global Biodiversity Information Facility: Membership organisation of participating governments, organisations, institutions and individuals building a network of databases to openly and freely share biodiversity data. org International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources: Provides text of the treaty and the Standard Material Transfer Agreement as well as information on membership, the multilateral system, funding strategy and farmers’ rights.

Plant Diversity Challenge - The UK's response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough, UK. uk/page-2494. Willis, C. K. ), 2006. Conserving South Africa’s plants: a South African Response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. SANBI Biodiversity Series 1. South African Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria, South Africa. htm. Access and benefit-sharing Biber-Klemm, S. & Martinez, S. 2006. Access and Benefit Sharing: Good practice for academic research on genetic resources.

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