7 Ancient Keys to Happiness: A 90 Day, Lesson-a-Day Guide to by S. Warren

By S. Warren

Contained in the center of each individual is a wish to succeed in that final country of inner-happiness. In a quest to accomplish the euphoric kingdom of happiness, the 7 historical Keys to Happiness were exposed. those historic keys were used for hundreds of thousands of years through all diverse humans worldwide. For the 1st time, '7 old Keys to Happiness' has collated all 7 of those keys into one succinct, useful, selfmade advisor to happiness. historic knowledge tells of a narrative approximately an outdated guy on an ark with plenty of animals, who was once kept from an immense flood. - even societies that weren't stimulated by means of Judaic-Christian-Muslim ideals have archaic models of this story as part of their folklore. notwithstanding, were you aware that in line with old culture, after the flood Noah was once given 7 Commandments? (No, now not the ten Commandments - that occurred a lot later!) those commandments got for the good thing about mankind to aid identify a brand new international order of contentment and bliss they usually turned the world-wide recipe and the foundation for the 7 old Keys to Happiness. In each tradition, continent and society, a few of these keys are present in one shape or one other, that's evidence in their undying knowledge. utilizing those 7 old Keys to Happiness we'll be guided via a thrilling, pre-tested and profitable route to bliss. So prepare to open your brain to another and old truth and sign up for us in this mystical route to town of Happiness. It's time to stay A existence you like & LOVE THE lifestyles you reside. think successful 1 billion money, an Olympic gold medal, being elected President, changing into well-known, in demand and enjoyed by means of every body - all on someday. Take all that excitement you'll think and multiply it through on a daily basis of your existence. for those who grasp the keys to happiness, it is possible for you to to adventure this point of enjoyment - AND extra each day. a superb present for your self, troubled-teens or someone looking for an excellent existence. (This book/printed model of seven historical Keys to Happiness, includes new, multiplied and re-edited material.)

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In fact we’re so scared that we can’t sleep, so we run for the cupboard and try to sleep there but it’s so uncomfortable. So when we think the coast is clear we take a dive for the door to run away but we trip on our shoes and fall flat on our face. Someone hears us fall and they come running in and turn on the light. Only then do we see, there was no boogie monster – it was just a shadow of the night, it was nothing, it was all our imagination. Refusing to recognise that we were hurt is like sitting in a darkroom thinking there is a boogie monster there with us – we will do really weird, uncomfortable or dangerous things just to avoid something that hurt in the past but right now it is NOT REAL.

The ultimate me would get up early every morning to see the sun rise and greet a fresh new day. I would smile readily, greet everyone warmly and be open and friendly. I would be giving and caring and everyone would know they could turn to me whenever they needed anything. etc. Why Should I? This exercise is one of the most powerful ones we could ever try. When we can paint a picture of ourselves in a way that makes us see all of our inherent capabilities, desires and dreams realized then we will know who it that we are trying to become.

Give it a Go! 1. Reflect and ask yourself “Is there anyone in my life that I’m really waiting for to make me happy? g. I thought I would be happy if I wasn’t single, but now I’m married I still don’t feel happy. I thought I would be happy if I quit my job, but now I’m self-employed, I’m still not happy. I thought I’d be happy if my children behaved themselves, but now they’ve grown up and left home, I’m still not happy. I thought I would be happy if my parents got off my back and stopped nagging me, but now I’ve left home, I’m still not happy.

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